Think-piece Wish list

1. A queer reading of izikhothane.
2. The murky area between “queer”, the self-applied political label and the “queer” as social category in academic jargon.
3. Trans* in a gay bar.
4. 25 years later, what does Paris Is Burning mean to queers in Africa?
5. The racial pole ends of the Banjee Boy and twink archetypes in the South African context.
6. When a woman discovers her husbands’ prostate.
Until straight men discover their prostates…
7. The need for the EFF to strengthen its stance on LGBTI rights.
8. The representation of queer women in SABC’s Home Affairs.
9. Not thinking in binaries is really, really hard for people, including homonormative queers.
10. The maintenance of “top-ness” and exclusive masculinity.
11. The instability of language when gender flows but sexual orientation remains the same.
12. The inscription of Africa’s queer history in amasangoma.
13. Queering Biko (on Fistvoices’ agenda).
14. The EFF’s stance on LGBTI rights and their homophobic affiliated party in Namibia.
15. The next big move against corrective rape while the ANC remains cool.
16. “Black gay Twitter” as a legitimate social space and site of resistance.
17. Generations fucked up its chance to properly represent gay men but could Generations even properly represent anyone?
18. How women as more sexually more fluid than men gained traction beyond biological facts.


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